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themed_madness's Journal

Themed Madness
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A Writing Challenge
Welcome to Themed Madness

This is a low pressure community where you can write from 15, 30, 50 or even 100 prompts, with more tables to be added. This is a multi-fandom community, anything and everything is accepted. Slash and Incest are welcomed. Join the community and have some fun!

FAQs|Prompt Tables:Part One & Part Two|Make a Claim|Pick Up Your Tag|Drop your Claim|Finished a Claim|Hall of Fame|Affilates

Rules on Posting
1. Be sure to rate all stories appropriately.
a. G or K: It's acceptable for everyone to read, meaning no sexual references, offensive material or violence.
b. PG or K+: There's just a little bit of violence or language.
c. PG-13 or T: These may contain moderate violence and some language, but nothing too graphic. Sexual themes may be implied, but are not explicit.
d. R or M: Not appropriate for teens younger then 17. They may contain strong language, heavy violence, or some heavier sexual content.
e. NC-17: Adults Only! They contain extreme violence, strong language and/or explicit sexual content.
-R and NC-17 rated stores MUST contain warnings. As do stories containing slash, femslash or incest.

2. All post should be posted with a similar format as below.
Authors Notes:

3. The minimum word count is 100 words, nothing below that please.

4. Just have fun! That's what this is all about.